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Awakening Audios

Awakening Audios


Embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation with Nikki Eason, Inspirational Speaker and Transformation Coach. This 12-day audio series is meticulously designed to help you awaken your inner power, shift your mindset, and embrace the higher version of yourself. Each track provides a unique and powerful meditation experience, ensuring that you take significant steps toward personal development and enlightenment.


What You’ll Receive:

12 Meditative Audio Tracks: Each day offers a new meditation track focused on key themes for personal growth.

Guidance from Nikki Eason: Benefit from the insights and inspiration of a seasoned coach dedicated to your transformation.

Lifetime Access: Download the tracks and revisit them anytime you need a boost or a reminder of your potential.


Track List:

Day 1: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Reality

Day 2: The First Step to Change is Awareness

Day 3: You Are Still Here

Day 4: If It Was Supposed to be Different, It Would’ve Been Different

Day 5: Know Who You Are

Day 6: Your Words Have Power

Day 7: Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows

Day 8: You Become What You Believe

Day 9: Be Still

Day 10: Nothing Just Happens

Day 11: You Had a Purpose Before Anyone Had an Opinion

Day 12: You Don’t Have to See the Whole Staircase, Just Take the First Step


Start your journey today with "Awakening Audios with Nikki Eason" and unlock the limitless potential within you. Transform your life, one day at a time.

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