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The Transformation Journey (VIP)

The Transformation Journey (VIP)


Stop Playing Small & Start Thriving in the Higher Version of You

30 Day Transformation Journey with Nikki Eason that will unleash your potential, amplify your purpose and witness the evolution of the Higher Version of you.



  • 4X 60min recorded virtual sessions online with Nikki Eason
  • Private  60 Min individual session with Nikki Eason to set a plan of action after 30 day journey completion
  • Daily Meditations and Affirmations
  • Weekly accountability and check ins
  • Unlimited text and email access 
  • Support from the “Higher” Community
  • The Higher Version Tee


*Journey starts Wednesday February 21, 2024. through March 21, 2024.*

  • Additional Information

    Once your order is completed. You will receive an email from Nikki Eason with further instructions and information. The journey starts on Wednesday February 21, 2024. 

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