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Boost Your Confidence: Join The Confident Character 5 Day Challenge

Empty Out Your Self-Doubt and Own Your Power

Are you ready to become The Confident Character?

Welcome to 'The Confident Character' 5-Day Challenge, led by Nikki Eason, an Inspirational Speaker and Transformation Coach. This challenge is designed to help you embrace your authenticity, conquer self-doubt, and build unshakeable confidence. Join us and discover the power of living with intention and passion.

Each day we will dive into specific topics that will help you conquer your inner critic and embrace your true authenticity. Confidence is pertinent in your willingness to accomplish goals and to create the life you want. Unstoppable confidence is reached when you can create the character of what you desire to become and do all you can to step into the power of that exact being and own it. 

5 Day Challenge starts Monday July 29th - Friday Aug 2nd at 12pm PST daily. 

Meet Nikki Eason

Nikki Eason is an inspirational spiritual warrior dedicated to helping individuals stay connected to the essence of their authenticity.


From the basketball court to corporate America and into entrepreneurship, Nikki has always broken new ground and created her unique path.


Her philosophy, 'You Were Born to Be You,' encourages you to push beyond the norm, embrace your true self, and confidently pursue your goals.

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What you will learn in the
5-Day Challenge

Each day of 'The Confident Character' challenge is designed to equip you with the skills and mindset needed to build and maintain confidence.


Here is the schedule: Monday - Friday at 12pm PST - 1pm PST

Day 1: Monday 7/29

Embrace Your Authenticity: 

Discovering Your True Self

Day 2: Tuesday 7/30

Overcoming Self-Doubt: 

Conquering Your Inner Critic

Day 3: Wednesday 7/31

Building Unstoppable Confidence: 

Strengthening Your Self-Esteem

Day 4: Thursday 8/1

Cultivating a Growth Mindset: 

Unlocking Your Potential 

Day 5 Friday 8/2

Empowering Your Purpose: 

Living With Intention and Passion

What You Get:

  • Daily 60-Minute Workshops: Each day, for five consecutive days, you’ll join a live, interactive 60-minute workshop. These sessions are packed with expert guidance, practical exercises, and powerful strategies designed to boost your confidence and help you embrace your true self.

  • Comprehensive Confidence-Building Topics: From embracing your authenticity to living with intention and passion, each workshop covers a unique aspect of confidence building. You’ll leave each session with actionable insights and renewed self-belief.

  • Supportive Community: Connect with like-minded individuals who are also on their journey to greater confidence. Share experiences, offer support, and build lasting connections.

  • Exclusive Resources: Receive worksheets, exercises, and additional resources to reinforce what you’ve learned and continue your growth beyond the challenge.

Join the challenge for only $97


Elevate Your Journey with the VIP Experience!


For those who want an even deeper, more personalized experience, the VIP ticket offers everything included in General Admission, plus exclusive benefits designed to amplify your transformation:

  • Daily 90-Minute Workshops: You will participate in five daily 60-minute workshops with an extra 30min prior to workshop for exclusive content and access filled with expert guidance and practical strategies.

  • Exclusive VIP Q&A Sessions: Before each workshop, VIP attendees will have access to an exclusive Q&A session. This is your chance to get personalized feedback, ask questions directly to me, Nikki Eason, and dive deeper into the day’s topic.

  • Personalized Feedback: Throughout the challenge, you’ll receive personalized feedback on your progress, helping you tailor the strategies to your unique situation and maximize your results.


Experience the ultimate confidence transformation

with our VIP Experience for only $297

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